Ankara Agreement Uk Application Form

Apply for a permanent residence permit (ILR) in 2007. Proof of your cost of living, such as lease.B. lease, mortgage agreement, electricity bills, council tax cards, bank statements, documents relating to the transfer of money to relatives abroad, and as soon as we understand your business idea, the family you enter or wish to stay in the UK, we will prepare your visa application. (1.2.1) rejection of the old leave application. From our first advice, they receive important information about you, your company and your family members, we then structure your application. The Ministry of the Interior will address your legal representative that we are. If you need clarification on your application, please confirm if your application has been approved or rejected. 3. People under the age of 18 or 65 or older at the time of application are exempt from language skills and life in the UK. In all the circumstances of the case, the decision maker must consider whether it would be inappropriate, because of the applicant`s mental or physical condition, to expect the applicant to meet the requirement.

For those applying for an exemption, they must provide appropriate documentation, such as a passport or birth certificate (as proof of old age) or medical documents (evidence of a medical incapacity to work). We fill out the visa forms or forms, prepare the visa assistance letter from the Ministry of the Interior, inform you about the documents and format to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior and the processing times. (1.2.3) the expiry of the timely filing or appeal period (if any). It may be helpful to get advice from an immigration lawyer to ensure that your application is submitted in a professional and technically correct manner. A first Turkish business visa is usually valid for 12 months. Under this first grant, the extension of the visa requirement for Turkish entrepreneurs is generally granted for a further three years, as long as the transaction is ongoing and continues to operate in the Uk. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence that the business is still ongoing and that your profits are sufficient to support you yourself, you can instead take a 12-month leave of absence.