Brent Planning Performance Agreement

Development applications must be assessed on the basis of the planning documents adopted, unless there have been relevant considerations to suggest otherwise. Some examples of relevant planning considerations and what is not are presented in the table below. It is important that your comments remain at the points to the left of the table. If the potential applicant feels that the level of service granted has not lived up to expectations, he may, if necessary, raise the issue directly with the local planning authority as part of its formal appeals process. If a fee has been paid for pre-application consultation, the margin of reimbursement for a full or partial refund depends on the terms of an agreement reached. As with all project management approaches, it is always helpful to keep the content of planning performance agreements as simple as possible and the main idea should be that the parties agree on the way forward. At least a simple approach, such as an agreed-on-schedule approach, development goals and task responsibility, could suffice. In highly complex systems of strategic importance, it may be necessary to develop a common vision in order to promote stronger collaborative work. There must always be a clear and agreed timetable for a decision on the application as soon as it is submitted. Please send your completed pre-candidate form to planning agreements are the perfect opportunity to identify the preferred approach to community engagement, including identifying the communities to be involved, the engagement process and the best approach to integrating their opinions.

In order to ensure transparency, where local planning authorities charge for certain pre-candidate services, it is highly recommended to provide clear information online about this: the team of the environmental agency Sustainable Places allows for sustainable growth and creates better places for people and wild animals. She provides advice on aquatic environment planning and waste management. Once we have received everything we need, your application will be assigned to a OPDC planning officer. The planning officer will then conduct an initial assessment of the information provided and contact you to arrange a meeting. Send or call 020 8937 5210 for assistance with one of the listed fees. Local planning authorities also play a role in promoting as coordinated coordination as possible of legal advisors. If they feel this would be beneficial, local planning authorities should encourage applicants to look after legal and non-legal advisors before submitting their applications. It is important to consider the pre-application phase as a bilateral process between the local planning authority and the potential applicant, although the nature and circumstances of some systems may warrant the involvement of other parties (for example.

B legal advice). The amount of information needed to engage effectively before implementation depends on the magnitude and nature of the proposed evolution. In all cases, the level of information requested by the local planning authority must be proportionate to the proposed development. It is not necessary to expect a potential applicant to provide all the information accompanying a formal planning request, but he or she must have sufficient information for the local planning authority to have an informed opinion.