Cara Membuat Agreement

The content of the agreements is usually by point, one after the other and one after the other. In the articles of the agreement, the parties can reaffirm the dispute settlement procedure in a more concrete and alternative way, taking into account efficiency and efficiency (accounts concluded, simple, fast and inexpensive). The parties can first resolve it by the family through the council (trial), then degenerate into mediation and, please, choose the route of arbitration or court if the parties are actually completely blocked. In general, the function of a co-operation letter can be distinguished into 4 things. For more details, here`s the feature: Therefore, it`s important for the person or company to make an agreement to pay attention to every word item in the document. Indeed, if the agreement has been signed, each party must make its contribution in accordance with the agreement written in the protocol. In the event of a dispute, the count is done in a family way. If there is still no way out, it can continue legally. A contract is valid proof that you can use in the future in case of litigation, litigation or legal situation. There are certain contracts that must be made in a notarial deed and some that should not be made in a notarial deed. The notary deed is an authentic act that is done by or before a notary according to the form and procedure of the law. One of the contracts requiring a notarized deed is a subsidy contract and the sale and purchase of land. This is stipulated in Article 1682 of the Civil Code, which states that “no concession may be granted except as stipulated in Article 1687, without a notarial act, which must be concealed by notary, and if not, the grant is not valid.” Thus, the notarial act becomes a condition for subsidies invoked in the eyes of the law.

When creating a protocol, there is not only the possibility of being eligible, but also the characteristics of the document that need to be followed. Only then can the binding document of cooperation activities be used as concrete evidence, which can be taken into account by all parties concerned.