Cenveo Restructuring Support Agreement

I would like to pay tribute to our suppliers, employees, customers and creditors for their support of our successful restructuring, and we look forward to further strengthening our relationship.┬áThe approved plan made substantial changes to the original transaction agreement. Under the new plan, a $7 million pool will be set up for unsecured general creditors and second collateral holders, a significant increase from the $1.5 million fund set out in the original plan. A cash payment of $50 million will be made to the Alliance for its priority secured bonds and to secure its support for the plan. The company also entered into a revised agreement with its holders of the first deposit right to reduce the amount of debt issued from US$200 million to US$100 million $US after the company`s exit from bankruptcy. “The plan we are pursuing today will significantly reduce our debt and enhance our capital structure to support our long-term business strategy,” said Robert G. Burton, Sr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Cenveo. “Since 2005, we have transformed Cenveo from its print-oriented roots into the largest envelope manufacturer and label manufacturer in North America. This restructuring process, under judicial control, will protect our business, as we will continue to operate normally….