Computer Matching Agreement

The federal authority responsible for the establishment of the necessary documents, obtaining the necessary authorizations and signatures, and the publication of the notice is presented in bold. In accordance with Article 5.C No. 552a (o), records contained in a data system may only be disclosed to a receiving agency or a non-federal agency for use in a computer matching program (CMA) between the source agency and the receiving agency or a non-federal agency. The department requires that THE CMAs be developed and approved for each matching program within the meaning of the statute. A CMA is a written agreement between the source agency and the recipient agency (or non-federal agency) that defines the terms of the matching program. The provisions of the Computerized Data Protection Match Act apply to a wide range of federal computer clearing activities for the purpose of determining or verifying eligibility or compliance, as they relate to in-kind or in-kind benefits or payments under federal benefit programs. An agreement between the Ministry of Finance and another federal agency or non-federal authority can last up to 18 months and be extended by an additional 12 months. At the end of each calendar year, the DOJ Data Integrity Board is required to conduct a review of this year`s matching programs and report to the Attorney General and the Office of Management and Budget. In agreement with the Office of Management and Budget Circular No. Tables A-108 (December 23, 2016) list SSA`s annual activity reports and active SSA matching programs, including links to corresponding federal registries informing the public of programs and links to updated copies of matching agreements.

An agreement reached by an organization in conjunction with a computer matching program in which the organization participates, in accordance with the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988. With some exceptions, a computer-based adequacy program is any computer-assisted comparison of two or more automated data sets or a non-federal registration system for the purpose of establishing or verifying eligibility or ongoing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by applicants, recipients or recipients, participants in cash or in-kind services or service providers. , or payments made through federal service programs or computerized comparisons of two or more computerized comparisons. Staff settlement systems or payroll systems of data sets or a federal personnel data system or payroll with non-federal data sets. Source (n): NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4 HHS implements computer intermediation programs with other federal authorities and with public authorities. Below is a complete list of correspondence programs currently in effect, with links to the correspondence agreement and a public notice describing each program. For more information on computer comparison, see OMB Circular A-108 (Dec 2016), HHS Data Integrity Board (DIB) Guidelines for Computer Matching Agreements (Aug.