Measuring And Promoting Inter-Rater Agreement Of Teacher And Principal Performance Ratings

Indicators of the classification of care outcomes (NOC) must be verified for their validity and reliability. One method of measuring the reliability of the NOC is the use of the reliability of the interrater. Kappa and percentage of consent are common statistical analysis methods that are used to measure the reliability of an instrument`s interrater. The simultaneous use of these two methods is due to the fact that these methods of statistical analysis have a simple interpretation of reliability. Two potential conflicts can arise if there are asynchronities between the kappa value and the percentage agreement. This article is intended to serve as a guideline when a researcher is confronted with these two potential conflicts. This guide refers to the measure of Interrater`s reliability with two advisors. Kvseth T. Measurement of Interobserver Disagreement: Correction of Cohen`s Kappa for Negative Values.

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