Niagara College Strategic Mandate Agreement

The most important element of the third strategic mandate agreement is defined benefit funding measures. In the spring of 2019, the provincial government announced that funding for ADM results would increase to 60% within five years. However, this performance-based funding process is now delayed by two years as the effects of the pandemic on ADM3 metrics are uncertain. This delay supports the stability of funding as we address the significant fiscal challenges associated with COVID-19 – including declining enrollment revenues. Strategic mandate agreements are an important part of the provincial government`s differentiation framework for post-secondary education, which aims to transform post-secondary education in Ontario by focusing and building the individual strengths of ontario`s colleges and universities. ADMs are multi-year contracts with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. They have been in place since 2014 and are intended to explain how the mission and activities of the various institutions work with the provincial government`s priority areas for post-secondary education, in accordance with the differentiation policy framework. The framework defines the principles of a differentiated post-secondary system by helping institutions strengthen their individual strengths while remaining accountable for quality, sustainability and results. The 2017-20 SMAS between individual colleges and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities outlines the role colleges play in Ontario`s post-secondary education system and how they will build on institutional strengths to fulfill their mandate and support government goals and priorities across the system.

Learn more about Niagara College`s 2017-20 Strategic Agreement. Further updates on SMA3 will be provided if the ministry authorizes the release of the agreement. For more information on the SMA process, click here. To view the previous ADM (2017-2021), click here. Our new agreement outlines the university`s enrolment profile and planning, including: The submission of niagara College`s ADM outlines our key priorities as well as goals and objectives for the next three years. It directs our strategic plan toward provincial objectives and identifies the College`s current strengths, vision, mission and mandate. It also describes our history of supporting the unique needs of The Niagara Economy, being enterprising and innovative in our minds, creating strong sectoral links and offering responsive academic programs that support Niagara`s key industries. Each year, higher education institutions are required to submit an annual report to the ministry out of the progress made to date. Download 2017-20 SMA Management Reports: As part of our agreement, Niagara College is the goal: for people with disabilities who need these documents in an accessible format: the documents are provided in a format that meets the individual needs of the applicant.