Non Standalone Agreement

Who hasn`t heard of 5G yet? With more than 500 million results in Google search and 5G news flooding the media, this double-digit word has become a conceptual name. But does everyone know there are two types of 5G? Non-standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) are two 5G tracks for which communication service providers can choose to switch from 4G to the next generation of mobile technology. The 5G pickup has accelerated since December 2017, when the global mobile organization 3GPP released specifications for the non-autonomous 5G New Radio (NR) access mode and then, six months later, 5G stand-alone NR. By the end of the year, more than 10 million 5G subscriptions are planned worldwide. Ericsson`s new SA 5G NR software allows service providers to launch commercially with 5G. Combined with our 5G Dual-Mode Cloud Core solutions, the new 5G-NR software, which can be installed on existing Ericsson Radio System hardware, opens up new business opportunities for service providers. With wider deployment options, you can choose the 5G path that works best for you. Faced with the current political climate, which it has well placed to secure deals for which it should have previously fought huawei, Ericsson is expanding its 5G reach and reaching an important milestone by concluding its 100th 5G commercial contract or a contract with unique communication service providers. Tokyo, June 3, 2020 – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today that the two companies have reached an agreement to jointly develop the 5G 5G autonomous container (SA) central network, which will be used in Rakuten Mobile`s 5G network, fully virtualized in the cloud. Based on the agreement, Rakuten Mobile and NEC will jointly develop the containerized 5G mobile core to be made available on the Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP), Rakuten Mobile`s fully virtualized and containerized native cloud mobile platform. The two companies will work together to develop a highly reliable 5GC manufactured in Japan, based on the 5GC software source code developed by NEC. After the launch of the non-autonomous 5G service (NSA) in 2020, Rakuten Mobile intends to offer its SA 5G service in Japan in 2021.

The containerized 5GC will also play a key role in the overall expansion of RCP, a platform designed to provide solutions and services for the use of high-speed, low-cost virtualized networks by telecommunications companies and businesses around the world tailored to their individual needs. The 5GC is offered as an application on the RCP Marketplace, allowing customers to quickly and easily “click, buy and deploy” a fully virtualized SA 5G central network solution. “We are very pleased to be working with NEC to develop our stand-alone 5G core network,” said Tareq Amin, Director of Representation, Executive Vice President and CTO of Rakuten Mobile. “Our partnership with NEC is a joint cooperation to build a converged 4G and 5G cloud core that is open, secure and highly secure, which will also become an essential feature of the highly competitive services we will offer to global customers via the Rakuten Communications Platform.” “NEC is proud to be 5GC`s development partner for Rakuten Mobile`s fully virtualized native cloud network. After the BSS/OSS for the 4G network and 5G radios that we have already offered, we look forward to providing a high quality and reliable 5GC and contributing to Rakuten Mobile`s 5G services,” said Atsuo Kawamura, Executive Vice President and President of the Network Services Unit, NEC.