Weekend Agreement By Barbara Wallace

A weekend to change everything… Delilah St Germaine fell for New York`s most wanted bachelor, Simon Cartwright, just as she started working for him. Four years later, his heart wavered every time he walked into the office — a lot of… The neighbor she can`t think of… When the weekend is disrupted by a DIY-loving neighbor by CFO Sophie Messina, she smokes and walks up to complain. But her reaction to the magnificent Grant Templeton shocks her. The man… Your false relationship… It`s not just Christmas! Ex-footballer Lewis Matola urgently needs to end his reputation, and heiress Susan Collier is the only woman who can help. Your agreement is clear: they will be wrong of each other… Available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, iBooks and Kobo. To save him, Sadie has to unravel a new network of neighborhood secrets with Dan Bartlett, Woodbridge`s sexed detective.

From celebrity obsessions to illegal business, there is no end to the city`s Shenanigans. How to heal a hero… Helping people, of course, comes to see Zoe Hamilton — she has the counselor column to prove it. But this summer, all she wants is to lick her wounds after the divorce. It doesn`t matter on the part of his grumpy neighbor, ex-army c… Gill McKenzie, Glossy`s public relations manager, is hosting a Christmas party at his local children`s centre. To her astonishment, she is attracted to the beautifully disfigured director Oliver Harrington! Under the mistletoe, they realize that the oppositions are really… The crown prince under the mistletoe… Crown Prince Armando`s faith in love has died with his wife, but duty dictates that he must remarry! He hires the royal assistant Rosa Lamberti to help him find a suitable candidate, but a sparkling kiss under the m… Can a four-legged matchmaker help four best friends find the romance of their dreams? Can Shirley Jump Drive Mr. Wrong Home find the courage to love again? Hunter Smith likes to stay out of chaotic situations; Life is easier when you don`t get emotionally involved.

He was never a knight in shining armor – but when he sees Abby Gray in the hole… The cynical billionaire Daniel Moretti works hard, plays harder and has an iron rule. Never trust a woman. Bad news for historian Charlotte Doherty, who appears at the wrong time. Like any woman in Daniel`s life, Charlotte wants to… E-books are available on Amazon and everywhere else. For Hotshot`s lawyer, Mike Templeton, success is not negotiable. So if actress and waitress Roxy O`Brien rips up her Manhattan office with a scandalous legacy claim that could save her new law firm, he can`t deny the challenge. But first… We use MailChimp as a marketing platform.

If you click below to subscribe, you confirm that your data will be transferred to MailChimp for processing. To learn more about mailChimp`s data protection practices, click here. Until the entrance of the rich and incredibly beautiful Stuart Duchenko, determined to discover the unlikely governess of his great-aunt! I`m sure Patience`s hiding something, but what? The body of the backyard was a problemIf you are under protection, the last thing you want is to be in the middle of everything, let alone a murder investigation. Sadie McIntyre is sure her amateur sleuth days are behind her.