Wifi Agreement Won`t Come Up

If the problem persists after restarting the PC, the next best option is to set another browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox, as the default browser. Maybe now the captive portal will appear. Hi, I just tried this method on my iPhone and found out that my router`s IP address is However, after typing it into my browser address, a page will appear asking me to enter the username and password. But this is a free Wi-Fi public library, and my computer entered the Internet without entering a username and password. So, I don`t know what to insert I was just trying to connect to marriott WIFI in India on my work laptop and kept getting a login error page instead of the login page. I tried to Google an answer while my IT department is sleeping with the different time zones, and I came across what worked right away, thanks!!!! I must love Reddit!! This helped dissolve the hotel`s Wi-Fi agreement page. These are assigned by the access point/router you are connecting to. Since your IP address changes when using the VPN, the hotspot router won`t let it pass and you won`t see the login page. .